Tuition Fee

Students may participate in one DeVry-based scholarship or tuition benefit program only. Those who qualify for more than oneprogram will be presumed to accept the program with the highest reduction in by-semester cost. Students who qualify for and prefer a different scholarship or tuition benefit program must confirm, in writing, the alternate program in which they wish to participate prior to starting classes at DeVry.

Military Tuition Effective Beginning July 2010

U.S. military personnel serving in any of the five branches of the U.S. Armed Forces (including National Guard and Reserves), and their spouses, are eligible for DeVry’s military pricing. Charges are:

  • $280 per semester-credit hour for students enrolled in the Electronics & Computer Technology (ECT) program that employs a laptop computer.
  • $260 per semester-credit hour for students enrolled in programs other than ECT at sites that employ a laptop computer.
  • $250 per semester-credit hour for all other students eligible for the military rate.

The application fee is waived for these individuals. Textbooks, course materials and other fees are charged at the standard rate. Additional information and requirements are available from DeVry admissions advisors.

Alumni Tuition Effective Beginning July 2010

Alumni who hold a DeVry University bachelor’s and/or master’s degree may take advantage of the opportunity to enroll in as many as 24 semester-credit hours of undergraduate coursework on a space-available basis for a reduced tuition rate of $495 per credit hour, regardless of course load. This benefit does not apply to graduate coursework.


A $50 application fee must accompany the application. The first semester’s tuition or first payment on DeVry’s interestbearing installment loan program must be paid before the student starts classes. Tuition and fees for subsequent terms must be paid in advance of each term. Payment may be made by cash, check, credit card or third-party financing (including financial aid). See Financial Assistance for more information on payment options.

For tuition and refund purposes, the term of attendance is defined as the actual number of complete or partial semesters a student has attended DeVry. Thus, the initial term of attendance, regardless of program or course level, is considered the first term. Students returning to DeVry after having missed three or more semester registrations must reapply and sign a new enrollment agreement. A second application fee is not required.

DeVry reserves the right to increase tuition rates at any time; however, any increase will be announced at least 90 days before the beginning of the effective term. Oregon and Tennessee tuition will not be increased more than once in an academic year. DeVry reserves the right to change students’ enrollment status (site-based vs. online), based on their cumulative enrollment in site-based and online courses. Students whose status changes to online are charged the prevailing online tuition rate. See tuition chart.

Tuition Effective Beginning July 2010

Tuition charges are calculated each semester per semester credit hours enrolled. Within each semester, hours 1-11 are charged at one credit hour rate; hours 12 and above are charged at a lower rate. Hourly rates are noted in the tuition chart and vary by program.


Insurance: All full-time students (those enrolled for 12 or more credit hours) must enroll annually in the group accident and sickness insurance plan unless otherwise insured. (Insurance is optional for students enrolled in Minnesota.) Coverage is effective 24 hours per day during the period for which the premium has been paid and eligibility has been met. Plan I provides student-only coverage at an annual nonrefundable premium of $260, which is added to students’ fees and may be financed through DeVry’s interest-bearing installment loan program. Optional coverage for students’ spouses and/or children (Plan II) is available, as is an increased benefit option. Up to $260 of Plan II’s premium may be financed through DeVry’s interestbearing installment loan program. Rates and policy periods are subject to change each fall term.

Visit for detailed enrollment information; further information is available from DeVry staff members. Students enrolled in a DeVry online program and who reside in the United States may take advantage of this insurance; however, they are not obligated to do so. Students residing outside the United States are not eligible for this insurance.

Late Preregistration: Continuing students are subject to a $25 late preregistration fee if they do not settle financial arrangements during the preregistration period prior to the new term.

Late Registration: A $50 charge may be assessed to continuing, resuming and transferring students who fail to register before the end of the designated registration period.

Nonsufficient Funds Check: A fee not to exceed $25 is charged for each check returned for any reason.

Parking: To park in school parking lots at some DeVry locations, students may be charged a nonrefundable parking fee not to exceed $60 per vehicle, per semester. See the Student Services Office for details. (Students attending the Arlington, Virginia, campus are subsidized for a portion of costs associated with parking in the designated garage; the parking fee does not apply to students attending DeVry in Long Island City.) Vehicles not authorized for parking may be towed.

Proficiency Test: A charge of $5 per credit hour is assessed for proficiency tests.

Student Services: A charge of $20 per session is assessed. Textbooks, Supplies and Specialized Equipment – Site-Based Students: Costs for textbooks and supplies vary by program and typically range from $340 to $970 per semester for full-time students. For full-time students in the Computer Engineering Technology program, textbooks and supplies typically range from $285 to $1,190. For full-time students in the Electronics Engineering Technology program, textbooks and supplies typically range from $285 to $1,515 per semester. Costs are subject to change based on publishers’ prices. Textbooks may be purchased at the school bookstore or from an outside source, but they must be those specified by DeVry.

Most courses require electronic course materials, which may include tutorials, simulations, study guides, electronic versions of textbooks and other interactive study material. Students enrolled in these courses will be charged a maximum of $80 per course for the electronic materials.

DeVry refunds a portion of electronic course material charges for all course withdrawals. During the add/drop period, week 1, electronic course material charges are adjusted according to the drop policy. During weeks 2 through 8, electronic course material charges are refunded as follows:

If electronic versions of textbooks are included, hard-copy textbooks are no longer required for these courses but may be purchased for an additional cost. Technology and software supplies must be those specified by DeVry.

New students at the Sherman Oaks, California, and Arlington, Virginia, locations must have a laptop computer meeting DeVry’s specifications (see options_technical_specs.jsp) for use in their courses. Laptops may be purchased from an outside source, or from DeVry’s vendor partner, who provides a discount to DeVry students.

Costs are set by the manufacturer and are subject to change. Current discounted laptop costs are listed below, by program.

  • $715: Accounting, Biomedical Engineering Technology, Business Administration, Computer Engineering Technology, Computer Information Systems, Electronics & Computer Technology, Electronics Engineering Technology, Health Information Technology, Management, Multimedia Design & Development, Network & Communications Management, Network Systems Administration, Technical Management, Web Graphic Design
  • $1,345: Game & Simulation Programming
    Textbooks, Supplies and Specialized Equipment – Online Students: Costs for textbooks, supplies and any required specialized equipment vary by program and typically range from $220 to $540 per semester for full-time students. Costs are subject to change based on publishers’/suppliers’ prices. Applicable taxes and shipping fees apply.

Course Material Charge Refund During Weeks 2-8

$60 - $80 $50
$50 - $59.99 $40
$49.99 $30


For full-time students in the following programs, average per-semester costs for textbooks and supplies are:

  • Computer Engineering Technology: $1,065
  • Electronics & Computer Technology: $850
  • Electronics Engineering Technology: $1,145

Most courses with the ECT and ECET designators (and certain alternate courses) include an $80 per-course equipment charge for the following:

  • Analog/digital trainer
  • Hand-held digital multimeter
  • Oscilloscope

Average per-semester costs for CET, ECT and EET textbooks and supplies noted above include this equipment charge. Students should test equipment and inform DeVry within seven calendar days of any defects. If no defect is reported, equipment will be considered to be in working order and loaned to the student. Students who report defects should return the equipment, and replacement equipment will be shipped to them. DeVry does not guarantee that equipment will be operable but will make technical support, maintenance and repair facilities reasonably available.

DeVry has limited spare equipment available for student use but does not guarantee that spare equipment will be available. Students may use the equipment only while enrolled, and actively participating, in at least one course with the ECT or ECET designator, or in related courses; however, DeVry retains ownership of equipment at all times. Students must use equipment in accordance with its instructions; may not abuse, neglect or allow others to use it; and must ensure that equipment is not lost, stolen or damaged. If, however, equipment is lost, stolen or damaged, students must notify DeVry, and DeVry will charge students up to the full cost of replacement. If equipment is recovered unharmed and returned to DeVry within 30 days after the loss or theft, DeVry will credit or refund any amounts paid for replacement equipment. DeVry may allow students to retain equipment after successful completion of all program requirements. Students who suspend or discontinue enrollment in their program of study will be required, at DeVry’s option, to either return the equipment to DeVry within seven calendar days at their own expense or to pay DeVry the full cost of the equipment. Students authorize DeVry to charge any amount payable for equipment to their DeVry account.

Further information is available from DeVry’s student services advisors.

Withdrawal: Students who do not formally withdraw may be charged $25.

Note: DeVry receives administrative and service fees from the supplier of graduation regalia and uses these fees to cover student activities costs, including graduation expenses. DeVry also receives administrative and service fees from textbook suppliers and bookstore operations and uses these fees to cover expenses associated with selecting and ordering textbooks and e-learning materials, and operating costs associated with providing bookstore space.

Note: DeVry reserves the right to change fees and charges at any time without notice.

Failure to Fulfill Financial Obligations

Enrollment for a subsequent term may be denied to students who fail to fulfill their financial obligations. In addition, no diploma or transcript is released to a student with outstanding financial obligations to DeVry. A student may be dismissed for failing to pay tuition, student plan housing fees, federal student loans or other charges. Career services assistance may also be withheld. In all cases, a student remains responsible for tuition and other charges incurred, in accordance with DeVry’s cancellation and refund policy.


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