Festivals of Germany

Germany is a country full of traditions and festivals all the year around. The season of celebration starts right from January. In January the most important event is the three hallowed king’s festivity. February is the month of Carnival (Fasching), in almost every Germany’s city there are many big parties and parades. Though some carnivals are celebrated in November 11, but the real festive starts in February. Carnivals are celebrated mostly in Aachen, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Mainz, Munich or Muenster cities.

March is the beginning of spring season so there are many festivals and events. There are some festivals for kids in Berlin’s, which include roller coasters, rides, food and fireworks. Munich has strong beer weeks. The beer must contain around 6.5% alcohol.

In April, the most important festival is in the spring season. In Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich there are many spring fairs. Dresden celebrates film fest and international Dance week. . But the most important celebration in this month is Easter; it is celebrated 46 days after Ash Wednesday. Germany has many traditions in this festivity like the Easter egg beautifully decorated, paschal lamb, paschal bunny and Easter fires among others.

May is full of annual events, spring and summer festivals and many music festivals. In this month Germany is really beautiful, full of color and interesting places to visit. The most important events are the Munich Spring festival, the Bodensee Festival on Lake Constance in Friedrichshafen, the Dresden Music Festival and the Asparagus Festival in Darmstadt.

Germany’s June festivals include music festivals and sport events. The most important musical festivals are the massive Rock am Ring and Rock am Park and the festival of classical music in Dresden. In this month, the biggest sailing event of the world is the most popular sport event; about 3.5 million people arrive to Keil and enjoy this event.

July is also time of musical festivals, many of them free such as the Rheinkultur Bonn, Schlagermove pop music festival, Zeltfestival in Hamburg and the Das fest in Karlsruhe. This month is also famous for its summer and wine festivals.

August is popular for beer festivals, wine festivals and theatre festivals. In the regions of Mosel and Rhine, the wine festivals are the favorites for visitors. The cities of Stuttgart, Hamburg, Mainz, Frankfurt or Aachen don’t stay behind; these are famous destinations for beer fans. One of the most important festivals in this month is the Berlin Beer Festival, is like the Oktoberfest but in a different location.

In September the wine, beer and music festivals continue. The most attractive music festivals are the Beethoven Festival in Bonn, the Alstadt Autumn Festival in Dusseldorf, Berlin Musicfest and the Potsdam Jazz Festival. In the last days of September, the Oktoberfest begins in Munich; this is one of the most famous festivals of Germany. Many people arrive to the city just to try the delicious beers especially made for this occasion. The Oktoberfest ends in early October.

In November and December the Christmas markets appear, doesn’t matter the German city where you are, there is always a Christmas market. There you will find good ideas for Christmas gifts. One of the most famous markets is in Nuremberg.


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