Immigration rules for Students

New Zealand welcomes people from all over the world to come visit, study, and work or live. New Zealand wants more and more qualified and experienced people who would utilize the resources to the best and not waste them.

Filling an application will cost you money and if in case you are unfortunate and your application gets rejected the fees that you have paid will not be returned. Before filling any application make sure that you have assessed your points before you proceed to file your application. Then after you can go to the nearest immigration office.

There are many New Zealand Immigration offices around the world where experts will help and guide you and will give you information about required documents. New Zealand has visa free entry for citizens of 25 countries.

But in case you do not belong to one of this countries you then for any kind of work you will need a visa. You get a three months visa for visitors for both kinds of applicants. If you want to extend your visa you need to give viable means to support and reason to stay more. In case you want to visit New Zealand for a period of more than three months than you can apply for visa to stay the length of time you require i.e. up to 12 months.

Applications for work permits are considered in the light of the local labour market. Policy allows entry on student visas of people wishing to undertake long-term courses at universities and other tertiary institutions, although some courses of less than three months' duration can be attended without a student permit. Provision is also made for people to enter New Zealand for medical treatment in certain circumstances.

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