Cultural and Social Life

Germany has variety of social and cultural life. They have their own theatre, orchestra and museum. You can find rich and diverse cultural events everywhere in Germany. Germany is such a developed country that even its small towns have their own theatre, orchestra and museum.

Large and small towns have interesting artists, theatre performances, exhibitions and film shows. There are so many options available that it becomes difficult for people to make a choice. You can get to know about every cultural event in your area through local daily newspaper or from municipal tourist offices. You can also go through town or city’s web pages.

Around the city there is enough wealth of possible destination which is worth discovering. You can explore the places on bicycles or inline skates. Many students and Germans spend their free time in pubs and clubs. Germany has 600 000 registered clubs.

In summer you can visit beer gardens and wine bars where you can sit until late in the evening. You should go and enjoy public festivals such as Fasching or Karneval in the winter, street festivals in summer and beer and wine festivals in autumn.

The society has changed greatly from incursion of modern life patterns and global ways of entertainment, has weaken the traditional arts, customs and sources of entertainment. The effects are seen less in southern Germany where still older arts and customs persist with gradual adaption to modern culture. The old and new coexist simultaneously.

Traditional German cuisine, vary from region to region. The traditional food includes meat, pork, beef, ocean fish, etc. But now in 20th century German cuisines became more innovative with the immigrant culture and it involves Italian, Chinese, Vietnamese or Turkish food.


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