Statement of Purpose

Graduate study needs lots of focus and determination. This is the reason why admission committee examines the statement of purpose very closely. They actually want to check whether you are a right candidate to succeed in graduate school.

While writing statement of purpose answer the following questions:

  • What you want to study at graduate school?
  • Why you want to study it?
  • What experience you have in your field?
  • What are your plans once you have your degree?

Admission committee look for students who are focused, determined, and has done well defined research that arises from experience. With that in mind, your SOP should reveal that you are keenly interested in doing the course and you have a background of that subject to support you ideas.

But avoid writing paragraphs about yourself how well rounded you are. They are actually looking for great minds that have mastery over specific subject areas. They do care about those activities which tell about your suitability for the program and college. Keep in mind you have to be adaptable because you may have to work with people of different countries. Any experience in your past life that speaks about these abilities is worth mentioning.

It is always important to be focused instead of being boring. Always state what is unique and relevant, that distinguish you from others. SOP will tell the admission committee a lot about you.

Before sending your statement of purpose always get it check by someone who knows you well and has good command over English, who can check up your grammatical errors, as any of such kind of error will put up a wrong impression about you.

Finally do not send same statement of purpose to all the colleges you are applying in. Keep changing the words according to the program and college.

Here are some tips you can go through:

  • Leave roughly 1/3 of the essay to talk about the future
  • Don't list experiences and awards·
  • Write for each school
  • Don't get too personal
  • Use professional language
  • Avoid clichés
  • Be concise

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